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When playing poker, evaluating poker volume vs quality & goals is essential. If you wish to find out more about quality vs quantity considerations, read on.

Why most players lose at poker – the rake | Jonathan Little Jun 13, 2016 · The rake, the money the casino takes in exchange for letting you play, is a key determining factor of whether or not any game is potentially profitable. Tournaments. In the vast majority of small stakes tournaments, it is not uncommon for the casino to rake 15% or more of the prize pool. Poker Article: Let’s Look at the Rake By: Ashley Adams It’s just what they’re used to playing at home. In this poker room the house charges a 10% rake with a $4.00 maximum. But in a casino you’re edge has to be considerably greater. The effect of the rake is different on different types of games. So you must analyze the game with the rake in mind to decide if it can be profitable for you. Keeping Your Home Poker Game Legal and Safe - ThoughtCo If you're hosting a home poker game, be sure to follow these tips on keeping your home poker game legal and safe. If you're hosting a home poker game, be sure to follow these tips on keeping your home poker game legal and safe. if you take a rake or a time charge or accept money for running the game in any way, then you are operating ... Planning a Home Poker Game

Feb 27, 2007 · Once there is rake, it isn't a home game. It's an underground card club or poker room. Now, you may want to leave out a bowl for donations for refreshments, but personally, I don't play in raked home games. I will, however, gladly contribute money for food/drink. It's all in how you term it.

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Why home game vs casino - Home Poker Games - Home Poker Forum I control the environment. Smoke is a big deal for me. While casino poker rooms are non-smoking, they share air with the rest of the room which is filled with smokers. Yes, the games are softer. When you add $12/hr to your win rate from the no-rake environment, you can see amazing differences in winning between the casino and home game. math guys help ---casino 1/2 rake ... - Red Chip Poker Forum casino 1/2 rake (1.5 hour drive) vs $5(one time)( 1 hour drive) plus 10 dollars an hour, plus tax(no food comp)no rake no tipping . which is more. assume casino rake is highish and no flop still drop and a badbeat drop. assume u play 25-30% of hands w/ a wwsf of 52% you would also save wear and tear on car and gas. Casino VS Pokies | What Is Rake in Poker? How to Calculate ...

These are usually based on VIP point acquisition – you earn a certain amount of points for every dollar paid in rake. Depending on how many points are earned, you are awarded with a VIP level.

The poker community often voices a desire to put more separation between casino games and the skill-game of poker. If a venue opens up and offers exclusively poker without the advantage of making their revenue off of other casino games, wouldn't you be willing to support that venue by giving them a little more rake? Red Rake Gaming Slots - Play free Red Rake Slots Online Red Rake Gaming Slot Machines. Their website as red as their name, Red Rake Gaming are a software development company with a sharp aesthetic. The firm, who specialise in slots and other casino games, may well have gotten their name from the rake (i.e commission) that casinos take on each hand of poker and similar games. Las Vegas Poker Rakeback and Comps Las Vegas Poker Rakeback and Comps. Las Vegas Poker Rakeback and Comps. By Scott Carlson, Rakeback.com Content Manager Ever wondered if live poker rooms give rakeback? See below for a complete listing of all Las Vegas poker rooms and the amount of rakeback or “comps” you earn for each hour of cash game played.