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Steven Hawking and Albert Einstein were both geniuses who changed the way we viewed the world, but do you know who actually did what? Nice Peter – Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking Lyrics |… [Incomprehensible] Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking. [Verse 1: Albert Einstein (MC Mr Napkins)] When I apply my battle theory[Verse 4 Stephen Hawking (Nice Peter)] There are ten million million million million million million million million million particles in the universe that we can observe Your... "Epic Rap Battles of History" Albert Einstein vs. …

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Mar 14, 2018 · Stephen Hawking: “I was playing poker with Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Commander Data on the Starship Enterprise!”. by Gemma Lavender, 14 March 2018. comments. Stephen Hawking, who sadly passed away on 14 March 2018, was one of the most prolific scientists of our time. WATCH: When Albert Einstein, Issac Newton and Stephen

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Stephen Hawking appeared as a hologram of himself in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He played poker with Data, Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Notably, he is the only person to play himself (or a simulacrum of himself) in any episode of Star Trek. share|improve this answer. Farewell to a visionary mind: Stephen Hawking was born Mar 14, 2018 · Incidentally, Stephen Hawking died exactly 139 years after the birth of Albert Einstein, the German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity and was arguably the greatest scientist of the 20th century. It seems that Hawking’s life was marked by science. Speaking of Stephen Hawking, the sci-fi fan who played Mar 17, 2018 · Speaking of Stephen Hawking, the sci-fi fan who played poker with Einstein and Newton, and threw a party for time travellers. Thus it came to be that in a historic Star Trek episode – Descent, Part 1 – Stephen Hawking played poker with Data, Einstein, and Newton on the Enterprise (watch the sequence here ). How Stephen Hawking Became a Global Pop-Culture Icon

Also read more Stephen Hawking quotes, facts about Stephen Hawking, Stephen Hawking books on Times of India ... WATCH: When Albert Einstein, Issac Newton and Stephen Hawking played poker 14 Mar ...

This GIF has everything: science, poker, physics, DATA! Source scientificphilosopher.tumblr. ... stephen hawking · albert einstein · star trek the next generation. Ted Geoghegan on Twitter: "In S06E26 of Star Trek: The Next ... Mar 13, 2018 ... In S06E26 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Data sits down on the ... play poker with Earth's greatest minds: Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, ... Einstein and Star Trek: A relationship light years in the making | From ... Jan 12, 2017 ... A photoshopped image of Albert Einstein giving the Vulcan salute. ... using the Enterprise's Holodeck to play a game of poker with virtual representations of Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and (a very real) Stephen Hawking.